Chapter 1. Introduction

Luntbuild is a build automation and management tool based on the popular Apache Ant. With Luntbuild, daily builds and continuous integration builds can be set easily. Refer to the following articles for benefits of daily builds and continuous integration builds, if you are not familiar with them:

While Luntbuild team would appreciate if you choose Luntbuild as your tool of choice for your continuous integration process, we realize, there are more tools available, and it is up to you to make the decision, which tool to use. Very nice comparison of continuous integration tools is available in Continuous Integration Server Feature Matrix.

You can explore Luntbuild's functionality by viewing tutorial movie. You can also check for Luntbuild FAQ to learn more about Luntbuild.

Basic unit of work in Luntbuild is a build. Build execution is triggered either by a schedule or it can be started manually. A build in Luntbuild performs following steps:

  1. Checks out source code from the Version Control System(s) (VCS).

  2. Labels the current source code based on the current build version.

  3. Runs an Ant/Maven/Command/Rake build script in the source tree.

  4. Runs an Ant/Maven/Command/Rake post build script in the source tree.

  5. Publishes the build log and other build artifacts.

Build configuration, monitoring, and access to the build artifacts are all done using an intuitive web interface. Your development and testing team will have a central area to access the build information.